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I am currently a full time student at NAU, and All About People were a great opportunity I stumbled across. They work with me to get temporary work while on breaks or long weekends. I make good money that is much higher than any other seasonal job I could get. Everyone I have worked with at the agency is very friendly and organized. Every company they have sent me to have been very friendly and provided me with great connections. I plan to continue working with All About People for several more years while I finish my schooling.


Friendly, Great Pay, Flexible Schedule

administrative support (Current Employee) – Phoenix, AZ –

This company has been nothing but helpful and persistent on finding me the work catered to my skills and professional goals. In 18 months, I have been consistently working and was given great feedback to further my career because of this staffing agency. I would highly recommend.

call center (Former Employee) – Phoenix, AZ –

If you are looking for a permanent position, this is not the place! Even if they mention their customers are considering tempt to permanent, do not believe them. We were hired on in a group and we dropped like flies. They would find the smallest things to fire the tempts. All about people were late and sometime skipped payments. They always have to talk to multiple people and give you the run around. NEVER will I go to a agency after bring with them! Soo horrible! !!

Don't want to say (Former Employee) – Phoenix –

Staff are very rude. If I had known this was a staffing agency, and a poorly run one at that, I never would have applied or wasted my time. RUN from staffing agencies, especially this one. You will never get anywhere with them, won't ever get good references, will make horrible money, and be treated like garbage. Always apply for jobs directly from the company!

Former employee (Former Employee) – Scottsdale –

This company didn't help me at all. I ended up finding my own job after being with the company for more than 2 months and they never ever sent me on a job assignment. Actually the one job assignment they sent me to, I was there for a week and they had the nerve to tell me that day I didn't fit the job! And how is that possible since you placed me as a good fit with the job? Anyway I ended up finding my own job outside of their help so I would never use an agency again to find a job.

Administrative Assistant (Current Employee) – Phoenix, AZ –

Temporary work assignment with All About People as a Administrative Assistant


All About People is the staffing agency that placed me with Apogee Physicians. All About People does not truly care of about those they employ. They care more about maintaining their business relationship with their companies and get very comfortable making money off there temp staff and could care less about having them hire on permanently with other companies.

auth rep (Former Employee) – Phoenix, AZ –

Receiving incoming faxes, overlooking all faxes reading over doctors notes finding chief complaint of the patient, Checking insurance and verifying ending dates and enrollment date with Company, making sure all CPT, ICD-9 codes are correct and eligible for approval, data entering all patient information in to data base obtaining approval for procedure etc.

getting all work done on time

Secretary II (Former Employee) – Phoenix, AZ –

I am working for the City of Phoenix. Typical day is answering phone, buzzing people in the doors, helping people. constanly working on paperwork and typing forms. Great co-workers and upper managment. I have worked hard and have been noticed for catching on very quickly. Hardest part is lunch break, dont want to go for an hour, to much work to do. Most enjoyable part is lots of work, love staying busy.


having to pay $60 a month for parking.

Procurement Assistant (Former Employee) – Phoenix, Arizona –

My typical day if I was looking for work all I would have to do is give them a call they are a temp agency and within the week I would be assigned.
I learned to be always ready for anything
Everyone in management was very polite and helpful
The hardest part about the job was not having transportation to get the better paying jobs
The most enjoyable was knowing where I was going it was a new adventure

Contractual Sr Buyer (Former Employee) – Scottsdale, AZ –

Helped me get into Dial which lead into a permanent position with Dial.

There was nothing hard about this job

My coworkers were wonderful

The challenges that were given to me

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) – Scottsdale, AZ –

I had 3 separate encounters with this agency and each got progressively worse. The details don't matter or change the fact that likely you will be treated poorly as a candidate here and nobody in management thinks this matters. I have excellent test scores - above 90% for Office 2010 components, a polished image and good communication skills and still was treated terribly. I moved on to another agency who valued my worth and got me out interviewing the same day!

Data Entry Clerk (Former Employee) – Phoenix, AZ –

A typical workday included sitting at a computer and verifying the clip of info that showed up on the screen.

All About Green Bay
All About Green Bay
Not all Staffing Companies are the same!
Not all Staffing Companies are the same!
All Team Staffing
All Team Staffing
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