Employer staffing solutions

Employer Staffing Solutions

Where do you get your candidates?
StaffingSolutions employs several recruitment strategies. We have a referral system that rewards our field employees for referring qualified candidates. We attend and conduct job fairs and maintain strong working relationships with local government and employment services. We are also very active and visible on multiple job boards.

Do all candidates go through your screening process?
Yes. The process includes extensive use of StaffingSolutions's many proprietary screening tools. Each StaffingSolutions office follows Standard Operating Procedures related to screening to ensure high quality, consistent quality and service.

How long before I can bring StaffingSolutions employees onto my payroll?
Since each client's situation is unique, time is negotiated when the order is placed. Direct Hire and QuickHire are also excellent options.

Who takes responsibility should there be an accident?
StaffingSolutions field employees are covered under workers' compensation for on-the-job injuries that occur while on assignment. We may ask for help in gathering information on an accident and participate in corrective action.

What if there are performance or other issues with your employee?
Notify your local StaffingSolutions office and we will work quickly and in partnership with you to resolve the issue at once to your satisfaction.

If I have an ASAP need will you be able to provide someone qualified?
In many cases, yes, although there may be special circumstances where finding the right skill match is a challenge requiring more time. StaffingSolutions does not send you just anyone. Our goal is always the right candidate with the right skills at the right time for your specific need.

How and when do your employees get paid?
Our employees are paid weekly, through our convenient PayCard, a Mastercard debit card, which gives employees the option to set up direct deposit to their bank account or use at ATMs and points of purchase.

Source: www.staffingsolutions.com
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