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Strategic Staffing Solutions Reviews

S3 employs 2, 000 consultants in 42 states nationally. We offer our employees a full benefit package and provide access to a broad range of compensation status options.

Our available compensation options fit most every need.

  • W2 with benefits
  • W2 without benefits
  • Hourly with and without benefits
  • Independent contractor (subject to the full rigor of our compliance, audit, and legal reviews)
  • Subcontractor (subject to a fully monitored contractual, compliant, and metrics-driven management program)

Our available benefits package includes:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance
  • 401Ks
  • Training stipends
  • Dental, Vision, Life, LTD, STD, and full PTO packages

Thanks to our comprehensive offerings, more than 50% of our consultant base stay with S3 on multiple engagements. The relationship encourages retention, bringing lessons learned and best practices with them. That adds value to our customers. S3 has a variety of initiatives such as our Veterans, Ambassador, and Intern programs.

Source: www.strategicstaff.com
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