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Brian Thomas, Owner/Strategic-Partner


When I began my professional career, I was fortunate to have been hired through a temporary agency and subsequently had the incredible opportunity to work at two Fortune 500 companies in St. Louis. Temporary employment gave me a foot in the door and ultimately the business experience that I needed to excel. So, I understand firsthand the value of temporary employment agencies and the impact they have on candidates’ lives and the companies where they work.

The Big Picture:

I was born and raised in St. Louis and I'm proud of this city and the people who live in it. Through my ownership of PrideStaff, I am committed to helping St. Louis businesses excel by recruiting and placing hard-working, talented and committed employees that help St. Louis businesses thrive.

Through my long tenure in healthcare sales, management, marketing and corporate accounts, I am well-versed with working in an industry that is constantly evolving and is charged with “making a difference”. Leveraging PrideStaff's unparalleled internal support and systems, the St. Louis PrideStaff Team will utilize market-leading technologies to carefully identify quality candidates who will meet and exceed clients’ diverse needs.

The Scoop on Staffing:

At PrideStaff, it is my personal goal and the goal of the St. Louis PrideStaff Team to provide more than staffing and recruiting services. It is our commitment to thoroughly understand clients’ short- and long-term needs and then carefully match those needs with ideal candidates who embody the skills, personality and work ethic to enable the company and the employee to mutually succeed.

PrideStaff is a national staffing organization delivering innovative solutions to the challenges employers face every day. Through a combination of strong leadership at the national and local level, PrideStaff has consistently delivered exceptional service to our clients and field associates.

Secrets to Success:

I'm not about just helping people get jobs. Anyone can get you a job. I'm about creating careers and improving lives through employment. Immediate results are important, but I prefer to focus on building long-term longevity.

PrideStaff believes that staffing excellence is built upon two fundamental principles: exceptional client service and quality job candidates.

Source: www.pridestaff.com
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