ResourceMFG application

-Proven work history in working with personnel at any capacity.

-The ability to communicate good bad or indifferent in a professional and courteous manner.

-Must have entry level(at least) experience with Microsoft Excel and other applications such as Word.

-Computer fluency and literacy will be a daily tool for the job.

-The ability to look at a situation and recognize the appropriate steps to take.

-Must be Bi-Lingual

This position requires a superb attitude and personality, As the trainer and motivator for the entire work force, both employees and leads really look up to a refreshing personality with great work ethic.

You will be reporting directly to the Production Manager

-Previous manufacturing work history preferred but not required.

-The bulk of time will be worked during the day but this position requires the flexibility to come in early or work later with the night shift.

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Source: www.resourcemfg.com
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