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Preschool, Daycare and Early Learning Programs can design an Education Consultant agreement that best fits their needs. The type of services requested, the amount of time per visit and the number of visits per year are to be determined by the director or program administrator.

Proposal for Education Consultant Role

Within an agreed upon time frame, Cynthia Rzasa Bess, Ph.D. agrees to visit the school for approximately two hours, monthly, to provide the following educational support, conduct an annual review of policies and in-service education programs and perform one or more of the tasks listed below within the assigned hourly time frame (as defined and agreed upon under subsequent contract):

I. Provide support and guidance to the Child Care Program
Director on the following:
Child Development expectations and concerns
Program planning
Implementing a Developmentally Appropriate
Parent communication
Licensing and Accreditation
Director’s concerns or questions
II. General Classroom Observation.
Observe and assess the staff in order to provide
feedback to the Director on:
Internal team relations and cooperative teaching
Staff rapport with children and parents
Curriculum implementation
Overall flow of the Infant, Ones, Twos, Threes
Fours or Fives program
III. Educational Staff support and training
Provide direct written feedback to the staff about
classroom observations
Conduct a pre-assessment of individual classrooms
once the preschool program begins the
NAEYC Accreditation process
Meet with individual teachers or teams, when
requested by team or Director
Provide up to two in-service training workshops for
the overall staff or sub-groups
IV. Seminar for Parents (on ONE topic to be decided by
Director and Staff).
V. Parent support.
Meet with parents in a small monthly discussion
group (1 hour)
Meet individually with parents regarding questions or
general concerns on their child's development
for a prescheduled 20 minute meeting.
(3 appointments per month = 1 hour)
One hour, or part thereof, of the monthly time on site, can be spent with the Director or in the classroom, as needed. The remaining hour can be spent with parents in a group setting (by class, age group or entire parent body) or in private consults. Terms for time allotment to be determined by Director and Education Consultant.

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