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For decades FORUM Payrolling Services has served as "Employer of Record" for temporary staff, contract labor or per diem employees recruited by our clients. Each week, we pay thousands of individuals located throughout the United States. In this capacity we handle every aspect of the payroll process, from electronic timekeeping to delivery or direct-deposit of paychecks. FORUM assumes all legal obligations for "payrolled" employee related to payment of wages, payroll deductions, unemployment insurance and worker's compensation.

Benefits of FORUM'S Payrolling Services

  • Elimination of all costs related to on-boarding staff and processing payrolls.
  • Elimination of benefit, vacation and holiday costs accorded permanent employees with the option of employer or employee purchased group benefits, including major medical, dental, life and long term disability insurance and retirement plans for payrollees.
  • Elimination of Federal and State unemployment filings and financial burdens associated with subsequent claims.
  • Elimination of Workers' Compensation costs and potential claims.
  • Protection against co-employment issues.
  • Availability of Customized Management Reporting reflecting payrolling usage in any format requested.
  • Availability of electronic timekeeping and consolidated electronic invoicing.
  • Availability of background, credit and/or drug screening.


Based upon our proven track record of providing the most reliable and cost effective method of payrolling contingent staff, the selection of FORUM to meet your payrolling requirements will provide significant cost savings and control features. As we are internally capitalized, the costly expense of floating payrolls is reduced and the savings passed on to our clients in the form of more competitive pricing. Additionally, FORUM has the flexibility and systems to customize a payrolling program which can include a full range of benefits either funded by the employee or our clients.

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