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How do you know you’re hiring the right person for the job? How can you ensure you’ll have the people you need, when you need them? How do you find people with the skills you need?

Simple. You call Synerfac.

You’ll see why we’re the go-to staffing resource for companies across the country. You’ll discover that we not only provide qualified candidates, but we offer multiple hiring options and we make the whole process easy for you.

Temporary Help

The economy is ever changing; working with Synerfac allows our customers to rapidly expand or contract their workforce to meet their business needs. Synerfac can provide employees for one week, one month or one year—the choice is yours. When you supplement your full-time staff with a Synerfac employee, you pay only for the hours they work. When the work is complete, the assignment and your costs end.


Our Temp-to-Hire option gives our customers peace of mind when hiring full-time employees. Temp-to-Hire allows employers to evaluate a temporary employee’s skills, work ethic and personality on the job, before extending an offer of full-time employment, greatly reducing the risk of making a bad hire.

Direct Hire

Many business experts believe that a company is only as good as its people, and we agree. We want to help you make your business better. When our customers need to fill important staff positions on a full-time basis, our recruiters proactively indentify and recruit on your behalf. Our approach maximizes our ability to deliver the best available applicants. Even better, we offer this hiring option on a contingency basis combined with a guarantee policy.

Managed Staffing

Through our Managed Staffing option, Synerfac can direct every aspect of the staffing and hiring process. From sourcing to interviewing to controlling staffing levels, our on-site representative will handle all issues involved with managing a large contingent workforce. We’ll work with you to design a highly customized program that fits your staffing needs.

Payroll Services

If you have identified a potential employee for hire but do not wish to immediately place him/her on your payroll, consider our payroll service. Similar to temporary staffing, we’ll be responsible for their weekly paycheck, taxes and insurance. Keep the employee on our payroll as long as you like.

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New venture for recruitment firm as technical division ...
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Champion Technical Promo Video | IT Technical Recruitment ...
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